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Federation of the Evangelical Christian Churches


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Family Structure


1.       LOCATION COORDINATING TEAM  ( LCT )  These are Pastors who have read and agree to the Vision of FECE and have filled the application form to join FECE. They are willing to influence other Pastors from different Churches to join FECE. They are Pastors from one area or location. They can form their own Coordinating Team to plan for their functions in the area. They are responsible to report  to the County Coordinator.

2.       COUNTY COORDINATING TEAM ( CCT )  These are Pastors from different Churches in a County who have joined the Federation and are working together in support of each other to promote the Vision of FECE in the Country. They are responsible to The National Coordinator.

3.       NATIONAL COORDINATING TEAM ( NCT ) This is responsible for overseeing FECE functions in a Country. Their role is Visionary, Strategic and Organizational. They are responsible to ensure that all National activities are carried out in a more transparent and correct way according to the procedures laid down by FECE International Coordinating Team ( ICT )

Ideally NCT is coordinated by a Country President  who is responsible to the NCT and the ICT at the same time.

4.       NEW NATIONS COORDINATING TEAM ( NNCT ) This team may choose one person in the position of the President to be the Coordinator of FECE to help in introducing FECE to New Countries outside his own Country. Working together with the ICT, the NNCT helps in the development of an NCT in a new Country.

5.       INTERNATIONAL COORDINATING TEAM  ( ICT ) This Team is responsible to oversee the development of FECE worldwide.  The ICT Head Office is in France and is made up of representatives from different National Coordination NCT Heads working together to form

International Coordinating Team – ICT.


The FECE structure is not about positions, it is designed to provide mobilization through building strong relationships among Evangelical Christian Churches working together for the purpose of supporting each other to fulfill the Vision of FECE around the world. This is not about who is the Head of which position. It is all about relationships and sanctification of the Church of Jesus Christ before His Second Coming.

As leaders in the Federation and also in the Christian Ministries, we are challenged to resist

The worldly model of leadership ( The Master/ BOSS ) kind of leadership  and embrace

The Kingdom of God model of leadership ( THE SERVANT LEADER )

We follow the example laid down by our LORD JESUS CHRIST as in Matthew 20: 25- 28 and PAUL in
2nd Corinthians 4: 5

This is the model of FECE leadership, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

We have to empty our own lives to serve others for the Glory of God.